Slotting in to City Life


Afraid the streets won’t kill you? City Life is an all-inclusive casino online slot game with outstanding visuals, bonuses, and payouts in a never-before-seen atmosphere. As you wheel and deal your way through a series of criminals, you must evade corrupt law enforcement and avoid being arrested at any cost.

City Life has you covered with a broad selection of wilds, scatters, and more to put you in the driver’s seat if your street smarts aren’t enough. If you get lost and end yourself in the alley where the Streetwise bonus game is located, you’ll have to outsmart one of five thugs to get your briefcase full of cash. Enjoy the finer things in life with 888casino’s City Life slot machine.


These are 5-reel, up to 20-payline video slot machines found on the internet. Two Scatters in any position on the reels will instantly multiply your wager. Can you handle the wild? Wild symbols, both regular and x3, can appear on the reels at any time, increasing your chances of winning significantly. Defeat the criminals in the Streetwise side game by using your wits.

Symbols and Icons

A speeding automobile, a police officer, a hotdog, a wild x3 emblem, a scatter logo, and an elderly grandmother are the game’s special symbols.


Wild cards in their regular form can be used in place of any icon other than the game’s Scatter and Bonus icons.

Wild x3

Increase your earnings from dealing thrice. Only showing up on reel 3, the x3 wild symbol multiplies your payouts for winning lines by three.

Risky Added Prize Round

If you get three Bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, or 4, you’ll trigger the Streetwise bonus round. Challenge the local thugs to a battle of wits. To win, your opponent needs you to discover three identical objects. If you win, your prize will reflect the worth of the objects you collected.


When many identical symbols appear on a single active payline (from left to right), the player is rewarded. Scatter and bonus symbols in some games can pay out regardless of where they land on the reels.

Except for scatter winnings, which are multiplied by the total wager (depending on the game), other wins are multiplied by the stake per line.

Payouts for Scatter and Bonus symbols are made in addition to those for paylines.

For each active payline, only the greatest win will be awarded the prize.

There is just one jackpot available for combinations of dispersed symbols.

On the machine’s control panel, look for a button labeled PAYTABLE or Info (may be labeled differently).

All of your wins from the various paylines will be totalled up.

Due to a malfunction, all bets and plays are worthless.

On the Go

All mobile play must adhere to the same regulations.

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